HELLO!Fashion blogger cloche

It’s amazing that you are reading this text. It always seemed to me that nobody reads the “About Me” section. But, since you’re interested, let’s begin?

So, I am over 40 years old, less than 1.60 m tall and more than 60 kg in weight. Isn’t it possible, with such initial data you can put a fat cross on yourself? Isn’t it true, any attempts to dress fashionably, to look stylish in my case are doomed to failure? Not! Not true!?

You can look good at any age and in any size! This blog was created to tell and show how to achieve this.

In the blog, I talk about beautiful things that can be worn by everyone, I secretly give you useful links and addresses of good Ukrainian fashion manufacturers. I share ideas on the selection and combination of things for different types of figure and women of different ages. I have a rich personal experience in dressing a non-standard, non-model body, I understand the problem from the inside.

Creating your own wardrobe is a long journey in life, and traveling is more fun in good company! Go!