Frost on the skin! How to combine style and warmth in winter?

What to wear in the winter – a question that we ask ourselves usually twice a year. The first time is at the end of autumn, when winter is just about to descend, and we are theoretically considering our wardrobe And the second time – when the real cold comes, and all our attempts to look stylish endure a natural failure.

Why can’t we look as perfect as the stars of instagram? Why are their ideas not applicable in real life? Why winter is not the time for fashionable madness? Is it even possible to dress stylishly in the cold or is it from the realm of fantasy?

What to wear in winter to look like a street style star?

Open coat! All models pose in open coats, because a buttoned coat will never look so dynamic and elegant. And also because they need to show you not only a coat, but also what is under it. To paint in front of cameras 10 minutes in a coat unbuttoned – no problem. Another thing is to wait for the trolley to stop in the cold.

Stylish blousons and thin silk dresses, they look so beautiful under the classic “male” coat and coarse sheepskin coats! Just lovely in the picture, but in life so cold to walk. Fashionable jackets with wide shoulders are not an option either. You don’t put any coat on them, they usually don’t fit there, but with a down jacket look weird.

Skirts and dresses fashionable length midi! So beautiful in the picture, but enter them in a real winter wardrobe. If the skirt is sticking out of the jacket, this is rarely successful; try to pick up a long down jacket so as not to turn into a safe with legs; and only if the top layer is a short jacket, can it be stylish. But cold.

Fashionable long and wide pants that almost lie on the ground – it is so stylish, so elegant! True, they are suitable only for perfectly dry weather, which in winter almost never happens. Trendy jeans with high waists, too, it makes no sense to wear in the winter – with a sweater inserted inside it looks good only on models, and if you release the sweater outside – what’s the point in a high waist?

And this is not to mention the fact that shoes with bare feet, sandals on warm socks, bare ankles, defenselessly sticking out from under rolled-up pants – all these favorite fetishes of fashionable bloggers can be worn in winter only if you spend the winter in California. Or in Italy. Or if you spend the winter in a house with an underground garage, where you go down on the elevator and get into a car carefully warmed up by the driver. Many street-style stars do something like this. And still many stars of the street-style put on all these multi-layered, rashristannye dresses and shoes on bare feet for photo only. In real life, they dress very differently.?

What to wear in winter to mere mortals?

If you ride the subway and even if you drive a car, but drive it yourself and dig out from under the snow, too, all these options from blog posts are more or less useless for you. Your winter wardrobe is tight tights or leggings, you can wear fleece, functional and warm shoes, comfortable jeans, long sweaters and warm dresses. Finally, the upper things, which is not afraid of neither wind nor frost. It is obvious, but only how to combine all this with style? How not to turn into a fun skier or a bun? Here are a few ideas.

Choose the right down jacket

Well, if the top of the winter things a lot and you can change them depending on the combinations and mood. But any winter wardrobe should include at least one basic universal model that fits almost everything and solves most problems. And such a thing can be a down jacket or a knee-length park or a little lower (this length goes for everyone!), Quite voluminous and free to fit under it … another thin puff. Then you just frost is not terrible! And a down jacket does not necessarily have to be with natural fluff, modern artificial naponiteli cope with the task of thermal insulation almost better.

Wear many layers in winter
It is not necessary to string two down jackets one over the other. You can combine a loose-fitting demi-season woolen coat and a thin down jacket or a down jacket. Then from the top everything looks very decent, not in a sporty style, but quite in an elegantly urban one, but at the same time the tooth on a tooth very much even falls. Warmly – as in a feather coat, beautifully – as in a coat.

In the photo is a coat with sequins from the Ukrainian brand Zosya Yanishevska. This is a rather thin coat, but thanks to a down jacket, it is warm even in the cold.

Another stylish idea from the same brand is a long sweater-egg, which can also be worn in winter as an additional layer of insulation under a down jacket or a coat of free cut. Arriving at the premises, it can be removed.

Include bright colored functional shoes in your winter wardrobe
Warm, waterproof and reliable as a tank, winter shoes do not have to look like a tank. The same classic Timberland, you can choose unexpected colors – pink, silver or cherry. And this immediately makes them not just a forced measure, not a walking shoe for snow and ice, but an independent stylish statement. At the same time, cherry timberlands resist snow and frost no worse than any others.

Mix warm layers with light
If you really want to play instagram star and get dressed a little crazy, but it is warm and practical, you can add a summer dress to your winter wardrobe. But combine it with a warm wool sweater (on top of the dress or under it), warm tights and winter shoes. Stylish wolves are full, practical sheep are intact.

The main thing in creating a practical winter wardrobe is not to try to look like what you are not, not to depict a lifestyle that is not really there. Wearing boots on bare feet in winter and rolling up your pants so that touching bare ankles stick out of them – you don’t need a lot of money. Where more they are needed for these bare ankles in winter to deliver a comfortable car from door to door and so that by the time of arrival at the destination the ankles were not blue, and their owner did not sneeze and did not shiver from the cold.

If such opportunities exist – great! If they are not, do not need to imitate them. Common sense, relevance and sense of proportion are true friends of style.