Dresses, peas and red lipstick . How to dress in Spain

How to dress in Spain? An inexpert tourist, who first found himself in any, even a small Spanish town, in the evening awaits a surprise. Wait, what’s going on here ?, he may ask, staring in amazement at the people around him. Is there a holiday here? Day of the city? Someone’s wedding? Maybe the mayor marries her daughter, and all citizens are invited? There must be some clarification for such a number of well-dressed, bright and cheerful people on the street!

And no explanation is really needed. And a special occasion is not needed.

The only clarfication is just a Spain, companion!

They love and know to dress with taste. And the only reason for this is a good summer evening, when the sweltering heat subsided a bit and you can go outside, meet friends, sit in a cafe with a glass of wine or just walk along the boardwalk. As they say, look at people, show themselves. This is quite an everyday event is enough for the Spaniards to dress in fashionable dresses, shod in heels, make-up, dissolve their luxurious hair and look like queens!

For this they have a wonderful example – the Queen of Spain Leticia

A girl of the simple people, a present Cinderella, a daughter of a journalist and a nurse from the Oviedo town. First she made a vivid career as a journalist, and then, unanticipated for everyone, married the heir to the Spanish throne, who soon became a king. Queen of Letitia is 45 years old. She has two charming daughters and great taste, which is equal to many Spaniards. The style of the queen is rather sober, without too much pathos and flashy luxury, but her outfits are always impeccable elegant and appropriate.

Queen Leticia prefers Spanish fashion brands and often appears on official and ceremonial occasions in dresses that are available to usual women – if not everyone, then certainly those who have incomes slightly above average. For example, a red dress in flowers (in the photo on the right) is made by a well known Spanish brand.

The technique, of the Spanish queen reflects the attitude of the Spaniards to clothes. They dress very feminine, but without vulgar candor; elegant and elegant, but without ostentatious luxury; relevant and modern, but without crazy combinations and shocking experiments. Somehow, inexplicably, they manage to dress as if they were gone from the fashion magazine and formerly look simple, clear and completely clam.

Spanish women rapidly pick up some fashion trends.

and adapt them to your wardrobe. In this, of course, they are very much helped by the world-famous chains of fashionable shops of the mass market, which are established in Spain and their headquarters are still located there. These networks are presented in Ukraine – with almost the same range. But if we occasionally stand in these stores and look at some things, are not able to imagine who and where will wear it, then the Spaniards do not look, they take and wear! For example, fashion straw bags. They wear them everywhere, not just to the beach! These photos are from the popular fashion blog , but believe me, many women on the streets look about the same.
Or here’s a fashion trend – open shoulders, voluminous sleeves, flounces and frills. All these incredibly feminine, romantic styles are rooted deep in the history of fashion, is directly related to the Spanish national costume. There’s nothing surprising in the fact that it is here that these fashionable delights of women are perceived with a bang, and they wear these things very organically. This is how they sewed

Same with the other hot fashion trend of this summer – black and white peas. No wonder why he is so popular in Spain. This is both cute and feminine, and at the same time rather sludgy and modest, and relevant, and stylish – everyone likes Spanish. And besides, it is a direct reference to the world-famous flamenco dancers attire.

It seems, the taste and passion for beautiful clothes Spaniard issue automatically, along with a birth certificate. And although young girls, as well as all over the world, often prefer a more relaxed, sporty or denim style, they even have beautiful, well-groomed hair, modern, stylish make-up and mandatory jewelry and accessories for this democratic dress. This is not just a “shorts and a T-shirt”, it is almost always a complete fashionable image.

A real skill in creating their own, unique style Spanish women reach over the years

They do not grow old here at all, they ripen, like precious drinks, acquiring fullness, strength and aristocratic taste. They do not octazy from fashionable clothes over the years, on the contrary: the older a woman is, the more bright and interesting their wardrobe becomes.

Jeans and sports shoes are rarely seen on her blog. She mainly shows elegant trousers and pantsuits, interesting skirts with well-chosen shirts and dresses, a sea of ​​different dresses for all occasions. It is the love of dresses and the ability to wear them simply and naturally, without too much pathos – one of the distinguishing features of the Spanish style.

And the Spanish lords of old years – it’s just a holiday of some kind! Neither the past years, nor illness, nor poor eyesight and unruly legs can stop an elderly Spanish woman on her way to the hairdresser and manicure room. Well-groomed, elegant, with perfect hairstyles and bold red lipstick, they sail along the boulevards like luxurious caravels and carry their treasures: experience, a sense of beauty and an irresistible thirst for life. And although not all of them look so brilliant as the famous Spanish actresses and models in these photos, almost everyone deserves attention and incredible respect!

And one more observation on the topic “How to dress in Spain”

You can often hear such a thought, they say, women are most concerned about their appearance and outfits in those countries where between them there is a terrible competition for the attention of men. They say that women in Europe “do not bother”, they don’t wear heels, they remember about makeup in five years, they don’t get out of jeans. And all this because they do not need to compete for men.

Who says so, they simply were not in Spain. Here women look after themselves and dress up so that they will give odds to some. But you know what is most interesting? The men here behave the same way! Actual haircuts, well-groomed beards, perfectly set trousers, expertly rolled up sleeves on harmoniously selected shirts – men in Spain look like models from a men’s style magazine in Spain. Obviously, they are also making serious efforts to look their best. So guess who else here for whose attention is competing!

It seems to me that beautiful clothes, personal care, style and good taste in Spain are not the way to overcome competition. It’s just a lifestyle and a show of respect. To others, but above all – to themselves.