Beach trends. Fashionable swimwear this summer

Fashionable swimwear in 2018 is a whole palette of styles, prints and styles, for every taste. Days when there were only a couple of options in fashion, and everyone whose fashionable swimsuits were not designed for were forced to choose between fashion and common sense. Today’s beach fashion will not put you in front of such a choice. Almost all current trends in swimsuits are suitable for any figure.

Many models with the same success can wear a slim model and a magnificent beauty. Do not believe? I picked up 18 pairs of fashionable swimsuits in 2018, in some pairs only individual elements or ideas coincide, and some are just twins, they are almost the same. Only the size is very different. ?Compare?

Fashion Trend 2018 – Memory Knot
This feature is not new, but it does not lose its charm. The swimsuit bodice tied with a decorative knot is a playful detail that looks equally good on a small chest and on a rich bust.

Bottom for this fashionable swimsuit, you can choose based on the features of the figure. Fortunately, many brands now offer a choice of several styles of busts and bottoms in one model.

A great idea is to combine two fashion trends in one at once: a knot on the bodice and a closed swimsuit with a large triangular neckline in front. It looks almost like a separate swimsuit with high swimsuits, but in fact – no, this is a one-piece swimsuit. This triangular cut – not just fashion, but also a very useful detail: emphasizes the benefit and the chest and waist, rounds the hip line, flatters any figure ?black and white combination (and any other combination of light top and dark bottom) is perfect for those who have whom figure “pear.” Dark bottom slightly muffles massive hips, and the light top of this style will slightly increase the chest.

Romantic swimwear
Frills, flounces, cute feminine details can set the romantic mood not only on blouses and dresses, they also reached swimsuits. One of the most fashionable beach trends in 2018 – swimsuit trimmed with flounces.

This may be a closed swimsuit with a neckline, decorated with small ruffles or one wide asymmetric flounce.

It can be “wings” of flounces on the shoulders of a swimsuit – small or wide, which you like best. Large flounces on the shoulders, by the way, this is a great way to cover the area of ​​the armpits, if it confuses you. And lush boobs on the chest can add volume to it, if needed.?

This may be a bikini with trimming small frills, styles can be different – to whom that goes. If this girlish style is to your taste – the shuttle will undoubtedly add to your mood on the beach, whatever model you choose.

And one more idea in a romantic style – the crossed gang. This very feminine model of the top, while it provides reliable support and beautifully draws out the chest, even without straps, suitable for small breasts, and for large ones.

Fashionable swimwear with open shoulders
Another romantic fashion trend – open shoulders with a wide flounce – also got to the beach fashion. This summer is very fashionable swimwear in retro style with high melting to the waist and a wide frill-elastic on the bust. Surprisingly, this model is all, and thin, and crumpets. Magnificent beauties can feel confident in high swimming trunks, and a soft shuttlecock covers her breasts and allows you not to worry about whether she has enough support.

Even more confident you can feel yourself by choosing a one-piece swimsuit with the same flounce on the chest. Here, in general, everything is securely covered, all the aesthetic “sheep” are intact and all the fashionable “wolves” are full. Is that those who have shoulders noticeably wider than the hips, you need to be careful with this model of swimsuit, cross-shuttle can extend the shoulders even more.

Fashion trend – sports minimalism
But the owners of wide sports shoulders should not be upset, they will suit other fashionable swimsuits. Sports chic continues its triumphant march on catwalks and streets, and beachwear is no exception. Modest minimalist swimwear with no frills in a sporty style – the undisputed fashion trend.

Such a sporty top without a neckline that fits right under the neck is a great solution for those who need to visually narrow their shoulders and do not want to focus on the chest. And the bottom to it can be selected to your liking – high melting or narrow.

Classic sports indoor swimsuit – also one of the fashion favorites of this season. If you are tired of ruffles and frills, for a change you can try this minimalism.

Fashionable prints for swimsuits
Geometry taxis in beach fashion. Of course, the main print of the season is peas, he rules the ball in street fashion and in beachwear. The peas make an obvious reference to the sweet retro, a polka dot swimsuit is just “back in the 50s.” And at the same time, polka dots are super-trendy right now, and this goes for everyone, regardless of the shape.

The small cell is also a reference to retro, and this is also a trendy print for swimsuits this summer. High melting + closed top + black and white check = stylish and fashionable swimsuit.

Strips never go out of beach fashion ever, swimsuit manufacturers love them a lot because they help create magical optical illusions. This year the black and white strip will be relevant and also suitable for any shape.

Leopard print and all sorts of variations on the theme of the leopard – a fashion hit in 2018, and it would be strange if this predatory trend had not made its way to the swimsuits. A girl of any size can practice in taming a leopard on the beach, the only question is in choosing the right style for a swimsuit.

And finally, the tropics! Tropical prints in fashion is not the first year, and agree, where, if not on a bathing suit the place?

Fashionable one-piece swimsuits
Lacing on swimsuits was in vogue last year and is not in a hurry to leave us. This piquant trend has a very practical application: laces with ties allow you to adjust the fit of the swimsuit on the hips.

Any intricately designed neckline, inserts, stripes and figured cuts on one-piece swimsuits are also in trend. Deep cleavage stretch the silhouette, lengthen the neck and accentuate the waist. And how much “closed” swimsuit can open everything – you decide.

But in the fashion and the exact opposite – a one-piece swimsuit hooded under the neck. As mentioned above, this is a great way to visually narrow the shoulders. And in this example, we can clearly see that almost the same swimsuit works fine on both the standard model and the Plus Size model.

After all this diversity, a logical question arises: where is all this to look for? I hand over a few points.

On-line a large selection of fashion models and a wide range of sizes – on LaModa

Fashionable swimsuits and closed gang – in the store BeAngel

A good selection of models, where the top and they can be selected separately – in stores Triumph.

Always current models (but, unfortunately, there are no large sizes) – in Oysho stores. Large and very large swimsuit sizes are always available in Marks & Spencer stores.

Dress on the beach is fashionable, do not forget to protect your skin from the sun, try to be more in the shade and enjoy the summer to the fullest!